Rethinking the way people build the house of their dreams.


Domus Adam


Communication strategy
Process design
Identity design
Digital design

Domus Adam designs, builds and guides the execution of luxury real estate from start to finish. This ambitious proposition is backed by a great amount of experience and highly skilled professionals, daring to stand out.


From headache to peace of mind.

Domus Adam takes care of the hard parts, making sure their customers can focus on the excitement of building the house of their dreams.

True teamwork.

A unique collaboration of experienced professionals. Domus has the best people for every phase of the building process.

Keeping it simple.

By rethinking the process, fffunction studio created a simple and effective customer journey. Adding another level of luxury.

It became clear to us that this unique business concept, needed to present itself with distinct confidence. That’s why we redefined the customer journey, setting Domus Adam apart from the traditional way of realising housing projects. The whole experience of building your dream house is elevated throughout the entire process with give aways, special treatments and extraordinary involvement. For example, customers are invited to lay the first brick, have the entire process captured and have their story of building their dream house put into a personal book work.


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