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In 2022, two renowned architecture firms, Maas Architecten and Kristinsson Architecten, decided to merge their expertise to form a stronger, more comprehensive entity. Maas, with its iconic villa designs, and Kristinsson, the leading force in sustainable innovations for schools, came together to create a quality allround architecture firm - Maas Kristinsson Architecten. Their shared ambition was to build a unified brand that maintained the legacy of both firms while offering a broader range of services to their clients.

'Context. Space. Life.' represents Maas Kristinsson's architectural philosophy. Their focus is always on establishing harmony and unity within their designs.

Maas Kristinsson Architecten needed to establish a new brand identity that effectively represented the combined capabilities of the two original firms without losing their unique character. They sought our expertise to create a unified brand identity that would convey the harmonious integration of the two companies.

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of both Maas Architecten and Kristinsson Architecten's individual strengths, distinctive design approaches, and core values. This was done through workshops, interviews and benchmarking the industry. This resulted in a strong and distinctive positioning and brand strategy focused around the concept: 'Context. Ruimte. Leven.' (Context. Space. Life.).

After defining their new proposition, we went on to craft a new brand identity that would embody the essence of both firms while highlighting the unique benefits that the merger brought to clients. This included the development of a new dynamic logo, website, and marketing collateral that showcases the combined expertise of Maas Kristinsson Architecten as a leading force in innovative and sustainable architecture.


The organic and dynamic logo symbolizes the interconnectedness and the holistic integration of all existing elements.

Our rebranding efforts have effectively supported Maas Kristinsson Architecten in expanding their client base and embracing a diverse array of projects. We've enabled them to concentrate on their core strength: creating mindful design solutions that honor the essence of a place while exploring new opportunities.