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Brand Transformation


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Motion Design


Established in 2016, Studio Lafo is a video production studio that creates films and documentaries for meaningful organisations and artists. They founded the company at a young age and even though they were maturing the quality of their productions, they kept struggling with showcasing it. Studio Lafo came to us for a new identity to reposition themselves as a professional full-service company, without sacrificing their young and energetic spirit.

It became clear to us that we needed to find a visual language and voice that synergised with their video productions. We wanted to give the studio a way to stand out and attract a new league of meaningful clients.


We kicked off the project with extensive research and some redefining workshops. By doing so we were able to grasp the essence of Studio Lafo's purpose- to make stories that resonates with its audience. This became the core concept of the visual identity.

'Making it resonate' is applied to the visual identity through the fragmenting of shapes, letters and words. Implying a more fluid approach to video production, where good stories trigger emotions and leave space for interpretation. Next to this conceptual layer, the visual detailing of the fragmenting refers to the technical effect of video interlacing commonly used to enhance motion perceptions of the viewer.

The dynamic logo showcases motion even when presented static, enhancing its distinctiveness. The bold and heavy typographic treatments hint towards cinematic typography, but with a modern motion approach. The minimum use of color together with the strong GT Flexa font from Grilli Type make the identity instantly recognisable.

"Thanks to the combination of diligent strategy and powerful design skills from fffunction, we have been able to make a great step forward as a company. Both in appearance and positioning."

Lars Cleven - Creative Director of Studio Lafo

By working closely together with the team of Studio Lafo, we were able to craft an identity and system that can grow with them as they continue to produce amazing films and documentaries.