Breaking taboos attentively to tackle sexual health issues.


Sexual Healing


Art Direction
Content Creation
3D Design


Following on a succesful round of fundraising and worldwide media attention, Sexual Healing came to us with a challenge. They needed to position the brand, bring their products to market and create a brandstory that fits the purpose of empowering women in exploring their sexuality.


There was a lot to learn for us, so we worked in close collaboration with the founders of Sexual Healing to reveale their purpose, ambition and knowledge. It opened our eyes and we learned that the products are not only about overcoming trauma, but also empowering women across the globe to become owner of their own body.


Sexual Healing offers women ways to understand, explore and learn from their body and mind in the comfort of their own home.

They do so trough sensory objects and being an active, open-hearted community. Telling the story as it is.

Through research, strategy and design, fffunction studio created a brand that challenges the status quo, breaking taboos in a caring manner.


Everyone deserves a pleasurable sex life. A statement most will agree on, but also a subject that is surrounded by stigmas, inequality and a huge knowledgegap. Discomfort, trauma, a lack of knowledge are all elements that stand in the way of having a positive body-image. Solutions for this issue are insufficiently developed, untill now.

In order to focus on the empowerment of women we want to create a feeling of harmony, not perfection.

The parentheses used in the logo refer to the private space in which the exploration of ones own sexuality should take place.

Impressie van social media marketing campagne voor Eyva Care.


3D design by PostNew


"Their fine way of working and their own developed methods, fffunction knows how to communicate your story, and therefore the story of your brand, flawlessly."

Inge Keltjens - CFO Sexual Healing

Photo credits: Boudewijn Bollmann

Our fruitful collaboration continues. Want to learn more about our way of work?