The new frontier in the Dutch podcast industry.


Topcast Media


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Premium content.

A new podcast label focussing on high quality productions.

Creators first.

Topcast creates a healthy foundation for creators to flourish and progress. Giving them the freedom to innovate.

A strong and solid identity.

A flexible brand identity that elevates individual podcast brands and becomes recognisable across platforms.

In order to mature, the podcast industry needs more than just quality content. By creating sustainable revenue models, growing new relations and attracting brands, Topcast builds the foundation the industry needs.

It is exactly that foundation, that plays a leading role in the brand identity. Always placed in the bottom, the growing bar references this solid foundation, and sets the stage for the message that matters. The complete identity inspires a new way forward, it is bold and ambitious, and welcomes the industry at large.

"We are very pleased with our collaboration with fffunction studio and their translation of our vision into a convincing brand strategy and story."

Stan Steeghs - Commercial Director Topcast Media

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