City in motion.

Project type

Spatial Activation


Art Direction
Graphic Design

In order to face the social, societal and economic challenges that lay ahead of us. The municipality of Eindhoven supports unique initiatives that make the city more social and liveable. These initiatives have a great impact on people's life, but are often unknown to other citizens, companies and civil society organizations. fffunction studio was asked to show the value of these initiatives and connect with a wider audience.



Photography by our dear partner Boudewijn Bollman.

To make the impact of these initiatives visible, we teamed up with Boudewijn Bollman and started capturing the people involved and their unpolished stories. Personal and real. These stories formed the backbone of the publications and exhibition we created for the city of Eindhoven. By taking a closer look at the lives and works of the people involved, it becomes clear how valuable these initiatives are for the city, its people and their connection. It opened our hearts and that's exactly what needed to be shared with others.

Special thanks to Marlon van Schellebeek for managing the production, Booxs for supplying quality print work and Anna van den Berg and Twan Hofman for their strong copywriting.

Exhibition design in collaboration with Studio Maatwerk.

Shoutout to the team behind 'Blik op Eindhoven': EMMA, Kade Clubhuis and Marc Koppen. Who where in constant conversation with visitors to collect more relevant input on how to make Eindhoven more social and liveable. A great project that was also featured in the exhibition. Credits for the featured project 'KNOOP XL' go out to cocosmos and KCAP.

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