Four reasons to use 3D design and 3D motion.

For some years now, big 3D design and 3D motion studios have been creating incredible content for big brands. It's no secret that brands are increasingly using 3D design and 3D motion in their communications. Advances in computer power have made it more accessible to designers worldwide, turning 3D design and 3D motion into "another tool in the box" that can add an extra dimension to your content, identity, and communications.

As brand strategists and identity creators, we're always looking for ways to enhance the quality of our work and service to our clients. So, what can this evolution in 3D design and 3D motion mean for your brand? Here are four reasons why you should consider incorporating 3D design and 3D motion in your communications.

Reason 1: Aesthetics and Physics

One of the biggest advantages of 3D design and 3D motion is the amount of control you have over aesthetics and character. With just one tool, you can create anything from abstract and tactile shapes to hyper-realistic virtual spaces. Additionally, you have full control over the physics in a 3D scene, which enhances the aesthetic possibilities in motion and behavior through space and time.

Reason 2: Features and Explanation

Another advantage of using 3D design and 3D motion is the ability to highlight features that would not typically be visible, such as exploded views. This feature is especially useful for brands that sell specific products. For example, Dyson's focus on high-end technical aspects comes across well in their products and communications.

3D product render for 'Sexual Healing'

Reason 3: Customisability
The "endless possibilities" offered by 3D design and 3D motion allow for highly customizable products to be presented, even before they're made. With 3D design and 3D motion, you can create a high-quality impression that can help businesses sell their product more effectively.

Reason 4: Brand Identity and Character

Branding is all about the personality, behavior, and distinctive identity of an organization or its product. The visual identity of the brand should reflect and enhance these characteristics. By incorporating 3D design and 3D motion into your toolbox, you can create a more detailed and nuanced identity and character in the design and motion of your brand.

Campaign for 'Sexual Healing'.

3D design and 3D motion are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They offer many advantages to brands and consumers across different industries, and they have the power to make your brand stand out. Although an investment in finance and time is required, the growing processing power of computers means that you can get more bang for your buck from tomorrow onwards. By incorporating 3D design and 3D motion, your brand can gain a more durable economic moat.

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