November 05, 2021

Four reasons to use 3D design and 3D motion.

For some years now we have been eyeballing big 3D design and 3D motion studios like Man vs Machine, who have created out-of-this-world content for brands like Nike, Xbox and Audi. And yes, we see that brands are increasingly using 3D design and 3D motion in their communications. The technique gives endless possibilities on the creative side and is known for having a ton of restrictions on the budget side. But times are changing.

The increasing computer power makes experimentation accessible for designers across the globe. With this, 3D design and 3D motion really is becoming just 'another tool in the box'. Giving your brand the opportunity to add an extra dimension to your content, identity and communications.

As proud lovers and creators of brand strategies and identities, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of our work. So we can help our clients realise a better future for themselves. What can this evolution in 3D design and 3D motion mean for your brand? And why should you use it?

3D product render for 'Sexual Healing'

The value of using 3D design and 3D motion differs according to your brand, your product and the industry. Overall we see four main reasons for brands to use 3D design and 3D motion in their communications.

Aesthetics and physics
The amount of control in aesthetics and character is enormous in 3D design and 3D motion. With one tool you have the ability to scale from abstract and tactile shapes to hyperrealistic virtual spaces. Having full control over the physics in a 3D scene enhances the aesthetic possibilities in motion and behaviour through its space and time.

Features and explanation
The technique makes it possible to highlight features that would normally not be visible. Think exploded views and so on. This is especially useful for brands that sell a specific product. Dyson is a great example, their focus on the high-end and technical aspect comes across really well in their products and communications.

Custom options for our client 'Schommel Aan Tafel'.

The 'endless possibilities' allow highly customisable products to be presented, even before they're made. Especially when it comes to the large amount of variations a customised product has. 3D design and 3D motion can create a high quality impression, helping business sell their product a lot easier.

Brand identity and character
Branding is focussed around the personality, behaviour and the distinctive identity of an organisation (or its product) and the visual identity should reflect and enhance this. Having 3D design and 3D motion in our toolbox allows for a more detailed and nuanced identity and character in it's design and motion manifestations.

Campaign for 'Sexual Healing'.

3D design and 3D motion is showcasing it's potential more and more. It has a lot to offer brands and consumers across industries and has the qualities to help your brand stand out from the rest. Of course, an investment in finance and time is needed. But as Moore's law continues to work in our advantage, the growing processing power will mean more bang for the buck from tomorrow onwards. Giving your brand the opportunity to gain a more durable economic moat.

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