From data points to climate impact.

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Start-up Brand Development


Brand Identity
Digital Design
Design System
Motion Design
UX/UI Design

Impact Portfolio is a digital platform that provides quality climate impact measurement tools for early-stage innovations. The company sets an open-source standard for measuring climate impact data and allows users to combine all kinds of different tools in one place. In order to differentiate themselves within the industry, they asked us to create a strong and professional brand identity that would convey their value proposition effectively.

When Impact Portfolio approached us, they had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. It was evident that the brand identity and its design system would play an important role in making the platform understandable and easy to use. But most importantly, we were on a bigger mission together. To create a positive outlook on the future while still conveying the challenges that lay ahead.

To meet these challenges, we started with a brand workshop and conducted thorough analysis to benchmark the competition and identify opportunities for differentiation. With this information in hand, we started developing the visual identity. The concept of "Bringing the pieces together" resonated with the whole team and we knew this had to be at the core of the brand identity. So we began exploring different options for representing this visually. After multiple iterations, we settled on a logo that embodies the value proposition of creating clear and solid insights from a collection of data sets.

The final outcome of the project is a visual identity that meets the requirements. The identity is scalable and flexible, which means it can grow and evolve with the platform. And, most importantly, it embodies Impact Portfolio's can-do mentality and inspires users to make a real difference in the world. We're proud to say that we had a lot of fun working on this project, and we're thrilled with the outcome.

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