Unveiling the Future of Shoemaking

We put our graphic design skills to the test and joined forces with Envisions to craft a captivating identity for the exhibition 'Cutting Edges' at the Museum Schoenenkwartier in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.

The exhibition has been dedicated to exploring and expanding the boundaries of the contemporary shoemaking industry. At its core, the exhibition honours the skilled and passionate shoemakers who push the boundaries of modern shoemaking. Drawing inspiration from their working ethos, we meticulously designed a vibrant and captivating graphic identity that complements their expertise. Through a harmonious fusion of spatial design and our graphic creations, we bring to life the bold and innovative spirit of the showcased shoemakers.

Our goal was to create an identity that not only captures the essence of the exhibition but also highlights the individual journeys of each shoemaker. We wanted to provide visitors with a glimpse into the creative process and transport them into a futuristic realm where craftsmanship and innovation intersect. With the collaboration of Envisions, who curated the exhibition's spatial design, we crafted an immersive space that invites viewers to explore and experience the future of shoemaking.


Host: Schoenenkwartier

Curator: Marijke Bruggink

Exhibition Design: Envisions

Graphic Design: fffunction.studio

Photography: Ronald Smits

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