More than this.

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Brand Transformation


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

Envisions was founded in 2016 by a collective of talented designers with a fascination for materials, and since then they gained attention and international praise with powerful experiments and highquality exhibitions.

Their success is growing so (they need to be recognisable across all communications). By creating a distinguishable identity we’ve helped Envisions to show that what they create with materials is more than this.

EH NORMAL font by Elias Hanzer was the ideal choice for ENVISIONS’ brand identity. Its dual glyph styles represent transformation and creativity, while the expanded letter set symbolizes endless possibilities. Just as Envisions reimagines materials, this font communicates the power of “MORE THAN THIS” – turning a simple word into extraordinary potential.

Envisions’ visual identity reflects their creative vision and client partnerships. It uses black and white to highlight clients’ content, while collaborative projects adopt dynamic color-picking, symbolizing transformation. This approach showcases their ability to generate new outcomes from simplicity, elevating the brand’s identity and celebrating boundless creativity.

To reach the full expression of each project, we decided to not bind the colour to a single choice. The image, the content itself will define it.

Every material has a hidden potential. Envisions sees it, and transforms it into something more. This idea is the core of the website we designed for Envisions: structured on a material index that can be browsed and expanded to access the full case of the various projects.