DoMiBo Radio

In the heart of Eindhoven, a city celebrated for innovation, design, and technology, a new voice has emerged to uplift its student community – DoMiBo Radio. This student-powered radio show, born on June 22nd, is now a hub of connection and support for students facing the city's challenges in their educational journey.

DoMiBo Radio's debut broadcast revolved around a topic close to every student's heart: finding suitable housing. Listeners were treated to a wealth of insights, tips, and personal experiences shared by fellow students, co-host Bram Hoedemakers, and local Eindhoven initiatives.

Beyond the practical advice, DoMiBo Radio serves a deeper purpose - to create a sense of unity and belonging among Eindhoven's diverse student population. The show acts as a platform where students openly discuss their challenges and triumphs, forming connections and building a network that extends beyond the airwaves.

"we've sprinkled in generous doses of humor and 'dunglish' (a delightful blend of Dutch and English) throughout the copy."

Rooted in the vibrant spirit of Eindhoven, DoMiBo Radio's identity is a reflection of the city's vibe and energy. It effortlessly harmonizes with Eindhoven City brand while capturing the very essence of its student culture and dynamic nature. To keep things lighthearted and engaging, we've sprinkled in generous doses of humor and 'Dunglish' (a delightful blend of Dutch and English) throughout the copy.

All students, both current and future, are invited to tune in, engage, and contribute to this transformative movement. DoMiBo Radio is more than a show; it's an evolving narrative that captures the essence of Eindhoven's academic journey. As this narrative unfolds, it weaves together the stories of students, connecting them across generations and shaping their collective experience. In the dynamic tapestry of Eindhoven's education landscape, DoMiBo Radio emerges as a unifying thread, guiding students on their path of growth, discovery, and connection.

Mark your calendar for every third Thursday afternoon as DoMiBo kicks off with a new episode on the radio. Listen live on Eindhoven's Rararadio or catch up on Spotify if you miss the first show. For more, follow @domiboradio on Instagram.

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