Brand positioning at fffunction studio.

For a business to grow and achieve success, it needs to continuously reach out to new customers and keep old ones motivated to buy again. With the right brand positioning, your company’s name becomes synonymous with the desired quality and service.

Determine your position
Deciding what position your company and brand will take within the marketplace is extremely important. It will help you define and find the audience and vice versa. At fffunction we combine clear market analysis with defining workshops. This phase will identify the opportunities ahead and our workshop(s) help remove the clutter.

Standardised exercises are part of the process, but our methodology is known for its custom module. Because we strongly believe that a unique position and identity stands at the core of an unclouded brand strategy.

Strategist presenting branding strategy in front of bulletin board.

Strategist on his way to sit at his desk.

Keep it simple

A strong brand positioning strategy creates a distinction between you and your competitors by coming up with attractive but simple ideas. Such differentiation is crucial because it allows your business to gain the attention it needs among its potential customers. If your brand has the right identity, then you can be assured of getting the kind of customers you have been dreaming of.

Overview of the design studio, placed in an old factory in Eindhoven.

Two founders posing in front of the design studio in Eindhoven, laughing.

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