Breathing Life into Materials: 3D Design for The Material Lookout

When it comes to material exploration, The Material Lookout, a result of a robust collaboration between Brain of Materials and Envisions, has always been at the forefront. On their continuous quest to unlock the potential of various materials, we were honored to be part of their latest venture.

An immersive journey into: Luxury Composite Panel, Fused Fibers, Synthetic Leather Elephant, Duo-Colored Sheer Fabric.

The project aimed to create a surreal, abstract dreamworld where these selected materials take on unique, surprising shapes. We set out to blend the physical and digital world, combining 3D design and motion to transform static materials into dynamic entities, ultimately encouraging the audience to reconsider their conventional notions of texture and feel.

In tandem with our core project objective, we used a palette of bold, poppy colours. This choice accentuated the digital approach, reinforcing the 'Digital Haptic' theme and amplifying the tactile properties of the materials. The colours danced and interacted with the materials, making the audience feel as though they could reach out and touch these digital creations.

The result of our collaboration with The Material Lookout was nothing short of a dreamworld. By transforming traditional materials through the power of digital animation and 3D design, we managed to showcase the hidden beauty and unexplored potential of these tactile materials. Our immersive approach serves as a testament to the future of material exploration – a future where digital and physical merge, and the tactile experience becomes an engaging, multisensory journey.

Let's create something tactile.